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   Ski goggles are an important piece of kit. They protect your eyes from the elements, such as snow, wind, and harmful UV rays, while improving your vision so that you get to see the mountain as well as possible. The functions and features that goggles can have are often overlooked, with a lot of people just buying the cheapest pair they can find. Yet the difference between a cheap pair of goggles and a good pair, can be vast, and can make a huge difference to how well they work, and how comfortable they are.

   Some people prefer to wear sunglasses while skiing, especially in warmer weather, but on those cold, windy, or snowy days, nothing will let you see better or protect your eyes better, than ski goggles.

Ski Goggle Components

   Ski goggles are made from several different components, which all have an important role to play in improving your vision, protecting your eyes, and keeping you comfortable. Below is a diagram of the different components, and explanations on what each of the components do, and what features they can have.

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